Can I drink alcohol?

Yes! As long as you log your alcohol and fit it into your calorie goals.

    Do I have to buy special food or supplements?

No. Our meals consist of real food that you can buy at the grocery store. The only supplements we take are a multi-vitamin and melatonin for sleep, and protein bars or shakes if we are on-the-go.

    Do I have to workout at a certain time?

No. Your 15 minute workouts are ready for you daily on your training app for you to open and do whenever it best fits into your schedule.

    Can I still eat with my family?

Yes! We encourage you to make meals your entire family will enjoy.

    Do I have to fast?

No. We encourage at least 4 meals a day.

    Do I need to join a gym or buy special equipment?

No. Our exercise program can be done with as little as a set of bands in your living room. If you have a gym membership you can choose a workout that includes equipment.

    Is the program different for men and women?

No, and Yes. The program is the same but everyone’s calorie and protein targets are set individually. So your goals will be the same but everyone’s calorie count will be different. Your workouts will be determined by your individual ability.

    I have over 50 pounds to lose. Will this program work for me?

Yes! Our program will help you lose weight in a sustainable way by building muscle to burn fat. It works no matter how much weight you need to lose.
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