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How do I know what exercises to do?
To insure your workouts are...
  • Intentional: directed to the proper purpose (Muscle Protein Synthesis)
  • Effective: sufficient to achieve that purpose
  • Progressing: continually following a sound progression model insuring your own progress
  • Scientifically designed: according to the most current consensus in the research community
  • Practical: brought down to earth in a way even a busy Mom or Dad (or Granddad like me!) can fit into 15 minutes...
All you have to do is open up your 15 Minute.Fitness app and click "Start Now" on the workout for the day. 15 minutes later, you're done. Now THAT'S fitness that fits into real life!
aMPS™ Workouts
The physiological process of muscle-building at the cellular level is called muscle protein synthesis, MPS. Muscle is made of protein, so muscle protein synthesis is simply a fancy term to denote the process of turning dietary protein, the protein you eat in food, into skeletal muscle tissue on your body.

So, what we need to do is to trigger muscle protein synthesis in order to put our body into a muscle-building state and out of a fat-storing state.

That's where aMPS™ come in. “aMPS” is our name for a specific type of workout, a "Muscle Protein Synthesis-activator".

Activating muscle protein synthesis is our one and only goal for our workouts, and if a number of parameters are balanced properly, we can activate muscle protein synthesis in only 15 minutes. These power-packed minutes are what we call aMPS.

We now know that you do not need to break down the muscle in order to build it back up. Exercise science tells us that's not how it works. In fact, “breaking down” muscle tissue is the last thing we want to do. Muscle damage requires all of our recuperative ability simply to heal back up to the original condition. That's like digging a hole in order to build up a hill—counterproductive. That's working backwards, working against yourself.

Thus, there is no need to brutalize your body with hours of training with heavy weights. Rather, you simply need to provide enough mechanical tension on a particular muscle group to trigger muscle protein synthesis.

An intelligently-designed workout can get this done in 15 minutes. And an intelligently-designed workout regimen can provide this stimulus for all the major muscle groups in your body with several 15-minute amps spread out over the course of a week. 
That's What We Do
“aMPS” trigger muscle protein synthesis which will last anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. To ensure that the body is continually in a muscle-building state as opposed to a fat-storing state, we advise using aMPS every 24-48 hours. In practical terms, this means we advise doing a 15-minute aMPS workout every day if possible.

Think about it this way, 15 minutes is technically 1% of your day. Can you devote 1% of your day to the health and fitness of your body? If not, can you really say your health is a priority in your life?

In full disclosure, Jackie and I always schedule Sundays as off days. We have church and Sunday lunch with the extended family. It's a day of rest and relaxation, communion with God and with family. So, we never work out on Sundays. 

Because we usually split all the major muscle groups into three different workouts, a “Push workout”, a “Pull workout”, and a “Leg workout”, six days on and one day off works out perfectly for us. We stimulate each major muscle group twice over a week's time and take a full rest day. It fits our lives, and it works. We help our clients find ways to make it fit their lives, and it definitely works for them. It can fit your life and work for you too.

If you have ever had a gym membership for any length of time, you have probably seen the same people lifting the same weights year after year. There is no wonder they look the same year after year. They have not done anything to force their bodies to change. They have achieved homeostasis.

In order to continually stimulate your muscles to adapt and grow, you have to continually provide a greater challenge to those muscles. Some sort of progression model must be applied over the course of time in order to continually stimulate further adaptations. 

For instance, let's say I do 10 push-ups today. Let's say that was enough to challenge my muscles to grow and force them to adapt. I might only be able to do 10 push-ups again on my next workout, perhaps even on the one after that. But sooner or later, my muscles will grow and adapt to the stimulus provided by 10 push-ups. Then, they require a stronger stimulus.

If I am still only doing ten push ups a year from now, then you can be sure that my body will look the same then as it does now. Why wouldn't it? 

When your muscles adapt to a certain level of stimulus, then that level of stimulus no longer forces your muscles to change. They already changed. They already adapted. They are now suited to handle to those ten push-ups. if I want them to keep changing, I have to provide progressively more challenge. I have to progress the amount of mechanical tension I apply to those muscles.

But progression can take many forms--how do I know how to structure it?

This topic can take you down MANY rabbit holes. Thankfully, there are some principles that are well supported in both the research literature and actual programming experience. We have incorporated the very best (and most practical) in the aMPS workouts we have designed inside our 15 Minute.Fitness app.

You don't have to go back to school and earn a Master's in exercise science and conduct research. All you have to do is click "Start Your Workout".
Weekly Challenges On Your Dashboard
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Ever wonder if what you are doing RIGHT NOW is moving you meaningfully toward your goals?

Probably so. And I bet we can all relate to the feeling of being lost. Being lost is frustrating. No one likes to feel like they are wasting time...or worse, exerting effort only to move in the wrong direction or walk in circles.

And being lost is terrifying. There are wild animals in the woods, and there are dangers in being lost in terms of health and fitness, too--how about diabetes, heart attack and stroke?

We make sure you know EXACTLY what to DO, what to FOCUS ON each and every day. 

Jackie and I are, at heart, educators. Between the two of us, we have taught everyone from Pre-K 3 to College Students. Make no mistake, this is an education in applied nutrition and exercise.

We have structured our curriculum delivery as a series of weekly challenges, with each challenge building on the one from the previous week and moving you that much closer to your goals.

This makes learning fun, and when we challenge you to DO a particular thing, you not only benefit from it immediately, but you internalize the principle through practice. Action!

You will access these weekly challenges right inside your Dashboard. A new challenge will open up for you each week. All you have to do is complete your challenge for the week...learn it, master it, and go on to another the following week. It really is that simple. 

And not only do you have the Dashboard walking you through, you have Lifetime Access to a Community of others who have been through the exact same program and continue to live it in daily life. Now, that is a recipe for success!

We Like Success.



Metabolic Priming™

In Your First Two Weeks We Test You For Metabolic Damage...Here's Why...

A fat-loss diet is an intervention; it is a short-term corrective treatment for a specific condition. That condition is obesity, or being over-fat. It is not meant to be the way that you live forever. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t learn some healthier eating habits while you are employing the intervention, but you should not live on a low-calorie diet for life. It’s unhealthy, and scientifically speaking, it would totally suck.

The research shows that the most effective length of time for fat-loss diets are anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. If you do some quick math, with a healthy rate of fat loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week, you can quickly see that most of these diets result in a loss of 12 to 24 pounds of body fat during that time. What if you have more than that to lose?
Here's what most people do—and why they either fail altogether or quickly regain their weight. 

They usually continue at extremely low calorie levels. Or, perhaps they add more hours to their cardio regimens. I can't tell you how many clients we have had come into our program eating 1000 or fewer calories a day and spending two to three hours doing cardio programs daily. 

And guess what? Even at these extremes, they have ceased to lose weight.

The answer is really very simple. It's not obvious, but it is simple. They have dieted for so long, and they have worked their bodies so many hours for so long, that they are in a very unhealthy, run-down state. The prolonged low-calorie diet has absolutely crashed their metabolisms as well as their hormone levels. People are literally in starvation mode. 

Their bodies are preserving every last little bit of body tissue that they can. Their cortisone levels (the stress hormone) is through the roof, and their thyroid levels (which to a large extent regulate metabolism) are absolutely bottomed out. If a physician gave them a blood test right now, they would be shocked at the shape they are in. 
The first thing we have to do with clients who come into the program in this condition, is to feed them and heal them in order to set them up for a successful diet phase. We call this Metabolic Priming™.

We have to slowly raise their calories back to a normal maintenance state and dial back their exercises to a level that their bodies can recover from. They're starving and overtrained. Is there anything worse than exercising for hours every day and literally starving yourself while getting absolutely no results for your suffering? You wouldn't believe how common this is.

This is one segment of the population that the current health and fitness and diet gurus love to target and prey upon. These are people actively engaged in dieting and exercise, who are interested in both, who have shown that interest by following some sort of structured diet and exercise program, and who have ceased to see results from their efforts. What better market is there than a bunch of sweaty, starving people who are utterly frustrated with all the time, work, and suffering they are putting in day after day to no avail?

So, the normal marketing approach from mainstream, popular snake-oil salesman is to focus on these current symptoms that are a result of a crashed metabolism. They focus on the insulin response which is out of whack due to a prolonged starvation diet. They focus on hormonal imbalances, which are all direct results of a prolonged starvation diet. They focus on products and stimulants that can marginally boost caloric expenditure (like caffeine) in order to address the slowed, sluggish metabolism which is a direct result of a prolonged starvation diet.
Look guys, this is utterly shortsighted. It's profitable for the snake-oil salesman, but these are tiny little rabbit holes which are unnecessary and not worth your time to explore. Every one of those symptoms listed was a result of a prolonged starvation diet. 

The solution is not to address each individual symptom in a pointless effort to remedy that particular symptom. No, the solution is to address the underlying problem which causes all of those downstream symptoms in the first place.

Honestly, the fad diet industry is simply following the methodology of our health care system when they do this.

Our health care system is very quick to prescribe all sorts of expensive and dangerous pharmaceuticals to alleviate particular symptoms, but it's very rare that you get any sort of meaningful help from your doctor to address the CAUSE of all those symptoms—being in an overall state of ill health—far from your ideal body weight, and a perfect candidate for all of the diseases for which they are very happy to prescribe you medicines.
Our approach is to focus on the cause of all these symptoms rather than chase down every individual effect—go for the root of the problem, move ourselves from a state of ill health to health, and then see what symptoms persist from there.
Usually that takes care of pretty much everything.

The body is remarkable in its capacity to heal itself when everything is working in balance and in order as it was designed to work. When the different systems of your body are out of balance and out of whack, that's when we are at risk for all of those obesity-related illnesses we are so familiar with: Diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and heart attacks. It's no wonder the new epidemic in America is obesity.

So, the last thing that you want to do when you get to the end of a 6 to 12 week diet is to mindlessly continue at a very low calorie level for an extended period of time. No, you have to give your body a break.
We aim to reduce body fat by about 10% each dietary cycle. After losing 12 to 24 pounds of fat over an 8 to 10 week diet, you need to reverse diet—slowly raise your calories back up to maintenance levels in order to allow your body to recover, heal and set yourself up for the next diet cycle.

(Remember to reverse diet when you are through, though, or you will pile fat back on. No wonder so many people regain their weight!)

Then, your metabolism will be revved up, your hormones will be back in balance, and you will be ready to go another round on the diet, and lose another 10% of your body fat. Do this process over and over until you are modeling bikinis or competing in physique competitions. 

Sine-Wave Diet™

Even Fad Diet Marketing Gurus And Snake-Oil Salesmen Can't Defy Physics...

Diets, if they work, all boil down to one thing—calories in vs calories out. It doesn’t matter if it is Paleo, South Beach, Keto, Low-fat, Low-carb, whatever. If it facilitates weight loss, it is due to restricting calories. That’s because calories are simply units of measurement (like inches) which measure the amount of energy you put in your body. So, when you hear “calories”, think “energy”.

Your overall energy balance determines whether you are gaining or losing fat. If you take in more energy (calories) than you expend, your body will store that energy for hard times in the form of body fat. Remember, our bodies’ first goal is continued survival. Our DNA is not terribly worried about how we look in a bathing suit.

But we are...and our bodies are now facing a threat they have never faced before. In this day and age of cheap, plentiful food, the new health threat looming for most is actually obesity by overeating rather than death by starvation. We have to intentionally guide our bodies toward NOT storing a bunch of energy in the form of fat or else risk all the life-threatening diseases associated with obesity.

We address the calorie balance primarily through diet—as exercise is terribly inefficient in terms of calorie expenditure per minute. You can dedicate two hours of your day to a life-sapping treadmill OR you can decide NOT to eat a peanut butter sandwich. The choice is yours. For me, I’m going to reclaim my two hours I gave away, and just choose NOT to eat the sandwich.

That leaves diet to create a caloric deficit. That’s why we developed an approach we call the Sine Wave™ Diet. The Sine Wave diet makes creating a caloric deficit as pain-free and productive as possible. This diet model simply allows for ups and downs in daily caloric intake. You do not have to meet a calorie target every single day. Instead, what is important is your calorie average over the week. Thus, if you overeat one day, you can make up for it over the next day or two. Or, if you have a big family meal every Sunday, you can eat a little lighter in the days leading up to it.
Real Life is where the Sine-Wave diet really shines, and that makes all the difference in the world in your Real World Results. Most coaches tell you to hit your calorie target every single day, right on target every day. If you have ever tried to diet before while counting calories, you have probably experienced a bad day, a day when the numbers just did not add up the way you wanted them to.

And then what happened? If you are like thousands of others, you probably got discouraged and gave up. And here's the crazy part: That is totally the wrong reaction because it is based upon a false assumption, the assumption that there is some magical 24-hour cut off period wherein success or failure is judged. That's crazy. Who said that?

There is no 24-hour period written into your body that determines how much fat you burn. A much more accurate guide for the amount of fat you will burn over time is a weekly average of your daily caloric intake. If you go over by a couple hundred calories on one day, then just make up for it on another. All we look at in our clients is the average at the end of the week. That is the only number we look for in terms of calories with our clients, and we have a 100% success rate for weight loss and body recomposition. This allows for a diet that fits Real Life!
Imagine. You know you have a big family gathering on Sunday, and you know there will be all kinds of wonderful foods available. Why not just eat 100 calories less each day leading up to Sunday so that you can eat an extra 500 or 600 calories of all the delicious food? If the outcome is the same in terms of fat loss, why would you not do that?

If you decide to go out and eat this evening with your family, but you don't have the calories left in your daily budget to eat anything at the restaurant, do you just tell your family, “Sorry I can't go?” No. Go eat with your family. If you go over your calorie goal by a few hundred calories today, just tighten your belt and make up for it over the next few days. No harm no foul.
Your diet is still on track. It's not broken at all. You get to live like a real person, and you have a sustainable diet model that you can keep up over the few weeks that it takes to execute a dietary intervention.

This is one of the most popular features of our program with our clients, the flexibility to allow for variations in calorie levels throughout the week. As long as your average calorie intake is close to your goal, then what's the problem? Our clients don't have a problem, and they consistently gain muscle and lose fat on our program, every time.

P.S. Anyone want a diet where wine fits right in?

Direct Accountability & Support From US


What If I Have Questions? Where Can I Get Help?
What is different about VIP Coaching? VIP coaching is the ultimate in personalization and individualized care. Jackie and I take joint responsibility with you to make sure you reach your goals. We will work together to optimize a workout program custom-tailored to your body, your equipment (if any), your strengths and your limitations. We will communicate directly to make changes on the fly to make the workouts enjoyable and effective for YOU.

We don’t believe abrupt, radical changes in diet are sustainable over time, so we will work with you and slowly tweak your particular eating patterns to produce the results you want. Much of this is done through weekly nutrition audits where we go through your food logs and offer helpful advice and feedback. This keeps you moving in the right direction and keeps you accountable. It is weekly accountability coaching that helps you fit your plan into real life.

We also draw upon the power of small groups by assembling small cohorts who go through the program together. This forms bonds of accountability and support, and we have found this to increase success rates exponentially. We will have weekly zoom meetings with your small group once a week for the first 90 days and then once a month thereafter. These coaching calls have a teaching component but also allow us to bond as people on the same journey at the same time. Many enduring friendships have started on these weekly coaching calls.
Because we restrict these small groups in order to provide the highest level of individual care, space is limited. Apply now if you would like to be added to the list for the next available group.


We're really excited to be able to change lives and change families for the better. It is at once incredibly satisfying, but also humbling. 

Remember, you're just 15Minutes away...

-Jonas and Jackie Schwartz

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